During Halloween, I can finally work from home!

2021.10.19 19:16 donuthrow During Halloween, I can finally work from home!

Instead of camping with my van and candy outside of playgrounds, kids literally come knocking outside my door!
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2021.10.19 19:16 employeeatibm 38. Dad. Southern. Beard. Period.

Howdy everyone! If you're reading this, then you're already alright in my book. I'm not going into great detail on this post, but I will share some things about me.
I love working out, but I love eating just as much. So I'm a fat, but strong guy! I grew up on a farm, currently work in cyber security. I was in a biker gang from the age of 14-19. I left after a very rough incident that shook me up pretty bad. I'm full of interesting stories, and I've led a pretty exciting life. Although far less exciting these days.
Free Dad jokes to the first 5 DMers! Ghost free guarantee!
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2021.10.19 19:16 moshemaman25 Finally choose a build coc necro vd help me whit pob please

Trying to find best path Using a staff for max block Any pob will help I dont need crazy damage prefer more tanki
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2021.10.19 19:16 kaiwaooh House Insurance Company

Hi all,
I'm looking for an insurance company for my studio. Could you recommend me some of them who offers a good price ?
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2021.10.19 19:16 shitblunt Gothic Demon eating Meat

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2021.10.19 19:16 5dollarbrownie Morning loaf

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2021.10.19 19:16 tuzxp Is my piercing okay? I got it done yesterday and I feel like it’s too high (it is almost an inch above my belly button) Should I get this 10mm rod changed to 12mm or let it be? This doesn’t seem breathable for the holes!

Is my piercing okay? I got it done yesterday and I feel like it’s too high (it is almost an inch above my belly button) Should I get this 10mm rod changed to 12mm or let it be? This doesn’t seem breathable for the holes! submitted by tuzxp to piercing [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 19:16 hassan218 INSTA/SC FRIENDS😭

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2021.10.19 19:16 Dependent-Concern-37 day 1 of posting my tnt World (built by hand

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2021.10.19 19:16 Bitchesandliars Just Minted. The power of the mind is amazing. We only need to unlock it.

Just Minted. The power of the mind is amazing. We only need to unlock it. https://rarible.com/token/0xf6793da657495ffeff9ee6350824910abc21356c:33258944133702258201152286373026844521103106853797267623290124061071586099202?tab=details
Fuel the Light
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2021.10.19 19:16 PM_ME_YOUR_BANKS No t95 ranged reeee

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2021.10.19 19:16 Theturtlehermit2000 Comment below: Trigger watch collectors with one sentence

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2021.10.19 19:16 intentionaldadbod Multiple Sightings and now voices

So ive lived in my apartment for nearly 4 years now with nothing out the ordinary, except for the last 6 months or so. It may get a bit long but heres what has happened so far:
Garden sighting:
I was in the garden with my daughter as she played on the swing and i sat on the chairs. We both heard something behind the tree in the corner and as we both looked, we could both see a dark, small apparition peaking from behind the tree. No visibly features although it was the middle of the day and would assume if a child was standing there you could easily see who or what it is as its a singular tree. It was just the head and shoulder, a dark mass, not opaque, you can tell it had mass. When i asked the daughter what she seen, she also said a shadow kid. i didnt want to freak her out and played it off as saying it was probably a shadow of one of the neighbouring cats.
Home alone sighting:
Another sighting was when i was home alone, sitting at the PC desk which kind of faces the hallway, not quite but i can definitely she it from where im sat. This time i saw something dash across the hallway into the childrens bedroom, not running but almost skipping as i seen the arms and legs, you know the way your arms swing and a leg is lifted, i saw that. This time it was a dark apparition as i had seen the blue dress and skin tones but with the previous sighting, i assumed it was a small girl.
Sightings i can deal with, i see it, i know its there.
But recently the experiences have been different. It doesnt happen often but its happened at least 5 or 6 times now.
Im laying in bed on my own as im always in bed first, before my partner and i hear whisperings coming from the end of the bed, maybe by the door way but in that sort of vicinity. The first time it happened i scrubbed it off as being tired, but its happened far too many times now for it to be me and it cant possibly be the neighbours upstairs, the apartment is old with thick walls/ceilings, its definitely coming from in the room. The whispers are loud but i can never comprehend what it says, sometimes its a couple words, sometimes a lot more but i can never make out what its saying.
The thing now is, with sightings i assumed it was a small girl but the whispers are that of a woman and now i dont know what to think.
Is it two seperate entities, just the one? im not sure. Im trying to find a decent andriod app that will record long sessions while im asleep and hopefully i can catch something to share rather than words alone. If anyone can recommend an app, i would really appreciate it.
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2021.10.19 19:16 SirWalkirio New White Wines Selection Avaiable on the platform !

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2021.10.19 19:16 Misterius_brick Oh no, evil mario!

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2021.10.19 19:16 8000meters Question about Solana swap

Hi All
Hoping for some insight, more as a learning exercise really…
So I transferred some money to a new sollet.io wallet.
Then, I created a BTC token, to do a swap of SOL into BTC.
This seemed to go through, but now the funds are gone - we’re not talking a lot here…
This seems to be the latest I can identify… so where is “my” SOL and BTC now? How do I access it, and how did it leave my SOL wallet?
Hopefully you can advise me on what I’m not understanding?
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2021.10.19 19:16 Mopawa_Baby Wait a minute..........

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2021.10.19 19:16 TheGhostofSpoole Anyone have the discord link?

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2021.10.19 19:16 Japan69_ Ignore

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2021.10.19 19:16 RusaTsig I made Animation for my Original SONG - Love is for Love

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2021.10.19 19:16 RicK242 Mastery 6!

I just hit Mastery 6 on Aurelion sol, currently at 29k points.
Wanted to share with you my joy!
Rushing for m7 in a few time.
I love this champ <3
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2021.10.19 19:16 Kingofdinner Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

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2021.10.19 19:16 drugihparrukava T1 athlete resources

Just wanted to share a couple sites I found with some good info. Some may be old news but some might be new things to read:
runsweet.com and https://excarbs.sansum.org/
Edit: not an advert, just an athlete frustrated with finding good info for T1 so wanted to share. If you've got more resources, books or research papers about t1 and exercise please add!
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2021.10.19 19:16 Rai_Darkblade Red Hands Part 2

Part 1
This took about 3 weeks longer than I had hoped, had to scrap the first draft, then spent another week on worldbuilding and plotting so the story would make sense in the long term. Hopefully future chapters will actually only take a week to do. Also, anyone who read part 1 in the first ~hour after I posted it, something messed up and it only had about the first third of the chapter until someone pointed it out and I fixed it. ON TO THE STORY!
Red Hands Part 2
Present day
Antesor was the first planet I visited after leaving my homeworld. While few people visited it these days, it was famous for being the first time we found alien life. Well, their leftovers at least. Apparently the Antesorans had gone extinct when humans were still scrawling on cave walls. The alien ruins lead to the planet being settled, and divided into, two main factions. On one side, corporations, who sold every technology, artwork, and artifact they could get their grubby hands on, turning the ruins into factories once they were stripped clean. On the other was the academics, attempting to preserve, then later restore the ruins. That group had a habit of carrying on about how much we could learn from the Antesorans, the importance of their culture, their advanced technology, but if they were some hyper-advanced superior species, then why are they all dead? Doesn’t seem like something we should be modeling ourselves after.
August 15th, 12452, 10:17 AM local time
Our trip offworld had been surprisingly uneventful. I had expected trouble, harsh regulations or inspections keeping us grounded, but I guess Lyrune was far enough out of the way that there wasn’t much traffic control. The cargo bay we rode in didn’t have windows, denying me my first view from space, but now here we were, landed on another planet, moments from the door opening. Despite the circumstances that led to this moment, I found myself excited. Nervous too, very nervous; if I had a full stomach, it would not be full anymore, and my shoes would be ruined.
A loud clunk reverberated throughout the cargo bay, and the door began to open. A breeze rushed in, fresh air. I closed my eyes and inhaled. The air was, strangely wet. Compared to the desert world of Lyrune this air was humid. The ever present dust was missing as well, and the scent of meat cooking was wafting in from a nearby market. As the doors rumbled to a stop I could hear, well, I wasn’t sure actually. I opened my eyes, and took my first look at an alien world.
The landing pad was obviously part of a larger spaceport. Even from inside the cargo bay I could see four other ships in various states of loading or unloading. Most of the structures seemed to be made of some kind of metal, it was shiny, but was tinted blue. It was clear which side was controlled by the academics, and which by the corporations. One side was full of colorful murals, few flat surfaces being left undecorated, while on the other everything was minimalist, with every space packed with cargo, machines, and whatever else a corporation needed at a space port. But despite all of these new sights, the thing that caught my eye most of all was the aqueducts. Clear water, more than I had ever seen at once, tumbled down two aqueducts flanking the landing pads.
“Stop gaping like a tourist, we need to get moving,” Zorya pushed past me, stepping out onto the landing pad and walking towards the side of the port. Looking ahead towards where she was walking, I saw a large mural, depicting a group of Antesorans forging some glowing object. There was probably some deeper meaning I was missing, but I took the chance to study the mysterious aliens that had handed humans the keys to FTL travel. I knew they had hard exoskeletons and were mostly humanoid, but looking at the painting I could see their jawline extending back behind their head into two points, while a third point rose like a bird's crest along the top of their head. They had sharp extensions along their lower arm that went above their elbows, like the tonfas some of the police back on Lyrune were fond of, and their skin was a pale blue. I was so caught up in looking at the mural as we approached that I didn’t notice the two women standing underneath it until one of them started speaking.
“Nice weather on Kunbar today,” one of the women said.
“Not as nice as Lyrune,” Zorya replied.
Seemingly satisfied with the answer, the woman who had spoken reached out to shake Zorya’s hand, “I’m Deimos, this is Phobos.”
I took the opportunity to look at the pair. At a glance, it was obvious they were twins, with dark skin, matching pixie cuts, and piercing blue eyes. Beyond that though, it was clear they had led different lives. Deimos was smiling at us. She had a slender build and looked like she didn’t spend much time outdoors. Phobos, by comparison, who had yet to speak, was more heavily muscled, and rather than look at us was constantly glancing around as if scanning for danger. The most obvious difference, however, was the scar running down Phobos’s left cheek, running from just below her eye down to her jawline.
“Do you have the package?” Deimos asked.
“Shorty’s got it,” Zorya gestured at me.
“I resent that!” I protested.
“Cut the chatter,” Phobos finally spoke up, “We should get out of here before someone gets suspicious.”
Our party, now numbering five, began working our way deeper into the academic side of the city, giving me another chance to look at the architecture. On the flight here, Ezekiel said that this city was originally built by the Antesorans, and was restored by the early colonists. Apparently the blue steel could last for several millennia when cared for properly. The architecture appeared to be based on the Antesorans appearance, with long smooth curves making up the peaks of roofs and corners, often ending in sharp points.
“That data drive will come in handy. Would have come in handy a month ago, the Reds have taken out four cells just in the last month,” Deimos explained, “We’ve had to halt most of our activities, and I haven’t been able to make contact with Central in two weeks.”
“Your point of contact got arrested, I’m supposed to take charge of what’s left of the resistance around here,” Zorya replied, “First order of business is to get that data drive translated.”
“That would be my area of expertise,” Deimos said proudly, “I’m the best tech expert you’ll find in this sector.”
That afternoon
Deimos, Zorya, and I were in some kind of tech lair Deimos had built. One wall was covered in screens showing images from around the city, and Deimos’s chair must have had another dozen monitors positioned around it. I didn’t know how anyone could process that much data at once, but she seemed right in her element working on decrypting the data drive. Aside from the tech, if I had to pick a theme to describe the room it would just be ‘purple’. Purple chair, purple lights, purple couches. Ezekiel and Phobos had gone to pick up food and make sure no one had followed us.
“Got it,” Deimos leaned back in her chair, stretching. “More encryption than I was expecting, but nothing too serious. You’d think they’d put more into digital security given the kind of data they had on here. Not that it would have helped” “I doubt they expected it to be necessary, given the amount of physical security we had to get through,” Zorya leaned over Deimos’s shoulder peering at the computer screen. “What all do we have?” “Eh, personnel files with their names, personal history, and pictures, then their current assignments, including their cover stories,” Deimos replied.
“Does it say where they keep prisoners?” Deimos shook her head, “No, it just lists people as assigned to Detention Center Upsilon.” Zorya frowned, “Looks like we’re gonna be doing this the hard way. Find me a Hand that was assigned to Upsilon, but got transferred somewhere we can get to.” “Excuse me,” I interjected, “but isn’t that detention center the place we’re trying very hard to not be?” “Most rebels, and a lot of sympathizers, have been caught recently, “Zorya replied, “I don’t plan on waiting for them to get executed, and we need the manpower.”
“Got one,” Deimos interrupted. “Raymond Lenard, currently working under the name Metis Heisenbach as a cataloger below the Academy.”
“I understood maybe a third of those words,” I waited for an explanation.
“Right, Lyrune kid, not much of a school system there,” Deimos said, almost dismissive of my homeworld. “The Antesorans had plenty of structures on the surface, but for the most part they were tunnelers, some scientists think there may be over a billion miles of tunnels all told. A lot of them have collapsed over the millenia, so the Academy has teams working to excavate the tunnels. Then other teams catalog and study any artefacts uncovered. The tunnels make a good place for a private conversation, so it makes sense the Hands would keep people down there.”
“Why bother studying them?” I asked. “They died, game over, you lost.” Deimos finally turned around from her screens and glared at me, “Well first off, they’re the reason we have things like FTL travel, and beyond that it’s an alien culture, it’s worth studying.”
“No fighting,” Zorya ordered. “Pull up all of the information you can on Raymond, whenever the others get back we’ll work out a plan. In the morning, we’ll be kidnapping a Red Hand.”
August 16th, 12452, 6:04 AM local time
To avoid drawing too much attention to ourselves we had split up. Zorya and Ezekiel should be about two blocks over, Deimos was working her way around to open up the door to the catacombs for us, and I was sitting with Phobos waiting for the door across the street to open. I looked at the muscular woman, who had hardly spoken a word since we met.
“So,” I started, “How’d you get caught up in this whole resistance thing?”
Phobos side eyed me, before going back to looking down the street.
Never one to take a hint I didn’t like, I continued talking. “Wow, that’s fascinating. Tall dark strangers do make for good recruiters.”
Phobos sighed, “It’s obvious you’re new to this, here’s some advice: don’t get close to anyone.” I waited for her to continue, but when it became clear no more ‘advice’ was coming, I spoke up. “So what, we’re just supposed to work alongside people we don’t know? How are we supposed to trust each other?”
“Trust is a joke kid,” she replied. “This is a war, we’re about to go try and kidnap a member of the most dangerous organization in the galaxy, there is a very high chance that one or more of us will die in the attempt. In this life, friends are just heartbreaks waiting to happen.”
I was still struggling to think of a good response to that when the door we were watching opened. I could see Zorya and Ezekiel running over when Phobos looked at me.
“Ready greenie?”
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2021.10.19 19:16 fdkorpima IPO of $RNCH tomorrow (Oct 20) Promising asset and share structure!

IPO of $RNCH tomorrow (Oct 20) Promising asset and share structure! Ranchero Gold ($RNCH $RNCH.v) is an exploration-stage company focused in Mexico's Sierra Madre Occidental gold district of Sonora, Mexico.
  • Set to IPO October 20th, 2021 (tomorrow) under the ticker $RNCH
  • Recently completed RTO transaction with Melior Resources Inc
$RNCH's flagship project in Mexico, Santa Daniela is one of the largest unexplored claim blocks in the Sierra Madre Occidental gold district.
  • Multiple gold intercepts in historic drilling
  • Over 22,000 hectares of concessions to explore
  • Drill permits, surface access and water rights
  • 47 potential targets
  • 70% of OS owned by vendor family on a 3-year lock
The share structure and 3-year lock really stand out to me as it demonstrates the confidence the founders have in $RNCH
Here's a super in-depth DD package that I'd recommend checking out:
Or a quick video from the CEO:
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