So T-Mobile is still not getting getting a Google deal. 🤬

2021.10.19 19:28 nrkelly So T-Mobile is still not getting getting a Google deal. 🤬

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2021.10.19 19:28 precocious-pear-837 FREE FITBIT OPPORTUNITY STILL GOING ON :)

Still recruiting first-year inactive students at UBC to participate in this low-effort lowkey research study! All you have to do is read 2 news articles a week and wear your Fitbit for the duration of the study :)
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2021.10.19 19:28 LilGrimmDoll I'm cumming for you this Halloween

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2021.10.19 19:28 cosmo-dragon Insecurities

As a kid, I used to get physically bullied a lot and I feel like that had an impact on present me.
There was this girl in the kindergarten that hated me. To be honest, I was a chill kid, never wanted to hurt anyone, always friendly and easy going. Some people told me she must've been jealous of me for some reason. I tried to avoid her, play somewhere else away from her. I remember playing with a friend and seeing her approaching us. That made me immediately stop playing and walk off subtly so she doesnt notice me. She just couldnt resist pulling on my hair or screaming at me for no reason. Sometimes she would even bite me. Nobody reacted, even adults that were suppose to take care of us there didnt care. My mom had a conversation with the teachers and told them to keep an eye on that problematic girl. Nothing changed. My mom even talked the girls mother. Still nothing.
Years went by, and I got into elementary school, happy to meet new, better friends. Everyone was nice until we hit fifth grade. All of a sudden people in my class became so mean. Close friends that I used to play videogames with became a threat to me. I still had a few close friends that remained good as they always were. Everyone else would judge me for my existance. I would breathe, and someone would approach me just to let me know Im ugly lol. Its funny, but its true. I remember joining my friends for a lunch break and a dude that was hanging out with them told me to go away. "You are not important, youre ugly, youre stupid, you dont deserve to be here with us, fuck off..." I desperately needed an answer to my question. Why am I being hated and bullied my whole life? I looked at myself in the mirror to see whats so wrong about my face. My eyes are weird, they are something many people call "sanpaku eyes". Also my left eyelid is slightly droppy since I was born. My nose is not "perfect", my hairstyle is awful, my mouth look weird when I talk... I started noticing my flaws. I remember spending nights crying, my mother walking into my room asking me why am I being so sad all the time. I felt like she couldnt help me with my problem, she cant change my face structure or body. All the girls in my class were wearing "sexy" clothes. They were also acting pretty slutty. I never wanted to be like them just so that people could like me. It was disguisting, fake personalities and interests. I honestly started thinking that Im being overly sensitive to insults. Oh, someone called me ugly, why do I care so much about what other people think? It hurt.
More years went by and I got into high school. I was scared, insecure and skittish person. "Whats going to happen now? Whos going to bully me now?" But nobody actually seemed to be any threat to me anymore. It was weird. "Hold on, arent you going to call me names?" I feel like high school changed my life. It was a blessing. No more melancholy, fear or anger. I met the most beautiful and supportive people in those four years of my life.
This might sound a bit strange but Im also thankful to those people. They taught me something. All of those people that abused me were twice as much insecure then I was. The girl in the kindergarten had serious family issues and the kids from elementary school were just trying to hide their insecurities and act tough. But non of that is an excuse to fuck someone else up. I feel like Im currently dealing with social anxiety because of all this. I kinda suck at meeting new people, talking in large crowds, keeping the conversation going, giving presentations and stuff like that. I think Im also kind of paranoid at times. Im really trying to fix all of these problems that are getting in my way of being a more successful person.
My way of fixing these problems are exposing myself to them. For example, I want to be more social around people. Im literally throwing myself into social situations where I need to talk with people. A friend asked me to go out with them and their friends which I never met in my life? Sure, lets go and meet them. If you dont have friends, go to a library and ask a librarian to show you biography books or similar stuff. It doesnt necessarily need to be a library. Im a library person. You know what I mean. Expose yourself, talk with people. Be the one that starts a conversation. You suck in giving presentations? Ask to presentate one on collage or school. The key is to face your fears. It doesnt matter how many times. The more you do it the better.
Thank you for coming to my ted talk. :)

TLDR: I was bullied a lot throughout my childhood and I noticed that might me a reason why I developed some insecurities and fears. I learned to cope as years passed and figured out that the people who bullied me were even more insecure than I was. The only solution to solve your problems is to boldly face them.
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2021.10.19 19:28 huffleduffa Mountain Golf is Spectacular

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2021.10.19 19:28 ThenHearing1123 Can you help me?

Hi everyone!! I have seen a project called CryptEx, it offers staking, what do you recommend me? Should I stake on the platform? Why? I'd like to know what you think. I'll appreciate so much🙌
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2021.10.19 19:28 eyadsuper1 How do you play?

I like freestyling more
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2021.10.19 19:28 65mustangsandy How long do preorders off of bbts take for ultimate neca figures?

How long would the wait be versus waiting to buy it in store?
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2021.10.19 19:28 Silverelfz "'I'm not ATM machine': Foodpanda customer and rider argue over cash-on-delivery, Singapore News - AsiaOne"

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2021.10.19 19:28 Stealthy-J Somebody is having a bad day.

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2021.10.19 19:28 qualityonlinemedia This Book Helps You Identify False Teachers

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2021.10.19 19:28 spot_explorer Beach camping

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2021.10.19 19:28 Inevitable_Grab0021 32 [M4F] # Manhattan - Looking to enjoy a day with a lovely girl;)

Looking for open minded, lovely girl to be FwB.
About me: Early 30`s male, educated, stable, assertive and easygoing. 5`9 tall, in good shape, clean, dd free, vaccinated.
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2021.10.19 19:28 svl9086 FML.....

I applied to the DCP, got accepted and I was ecstatic. However, my availability changed due to a family illness and when I asked about changing the date, I was told it wasn't possible and that I could decline my offer and it wouldn't negatively impact any future applications. I was very upset but it was out of my control. Now, I go to reapply, and it says I can only apply once? does anyone know how I can solve this? If you decline are you banned from applying again later on? I'm so devastated by this and I have waited so long for this. If anyone has any insight PLEASE let me know. I know it sounds silly and it's just Disney but this opportunity meant the world to me. Thank you.
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2021.10.19 19:28 Maven_Benny_9004 Has anyone been phishing emails getting auto-tagged as "important"

Was brought up to our IT department lately. A user has been getting phishing requests for payment from "Amazon Billing" These emails are getting auto-tagged as important and bypassing spam filters directly into their inbox
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2021.10.19 19:28 Taiga540 Sephiroth main starter pack

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2021.10.19 19:28 Stig12Cz NC M26-30

So when is patch 3.2.1 now playable you can may use help of this to complete last difficulty
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2021.10.19 19:28 the_maxus TORG HYPE TUESDAY! Relics of Power is complete!

Time for our characters some well deserved R&R. What characters will be next up to the plate? We have no idea! What we do know is that we will be taking Wednesday, October 20th off broadcasting so we can figure out what is next. We will be back next Wednesday, October 27th. Meanwhile, If you miss Borya's sweet sweet "Russian" accent, you can catch up/rewatch us on YouTube at:

Want to play TORG Eternity?
Find Torganized Play on:
Facebook -
Discord - find us on Delphi Council Missions
Events on Warhorn -
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2021.10.19 19:28 CaptainUltrastar08 I drew him.

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2021.10.19 19:28 Childhood_Top Florida saves Christmas

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2021.10.19 19:28 Emmy_perfect I just got my nft for this community

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2021.10.19 19:28 mzbbyk Check out RDK PRODUCTIONS on #SoundCloud

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2021.10.19 19:28 Few_Guide6377 Communism can sometimes be good… in a way

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2021.10.19 19:28 SBACTOSPRETOSRA como criar um rotina? e conseguir seguir ela?

Não sei se isso acontece com vcs mas eu simplesmente não consigo ter uma rotina fixa e isso me estressa muito, é lógico q eu consigo fazer coisas como ir pra escola TDS os dias e tals, mas tirando isso eu tenho q ter alarme pra me lembrar de comer e msm assim eu acabo esquecendo é MT triste isso alguma dica pra mudar isso?
Obs: eu passo o dia td sozinha em casa então acho q isso dificulta um pouco mais as coisas :/
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2021.10.19 19:28 DaddyKoolAid BBC reveals new logos in modern makeover

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