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2022.01.25 03:08 Revolutionary-Bell38 MeToo...

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2022.01.25 03:08 goldielox202 Damn quick!

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2022.01.25 03:08 yourfairymonzter just look at this cutie ;-;

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2022.01.25 03:08 AlecTheGreatest My idea to reduce teaming in Showdown

We all know teaming is a major problem. Sometimes we face a bunch of Shellys or Primos teaming on you. This happens a lot where people with identical brawlers team with each other. Two primos see each other and then team with each other. This happens a lot in top ladder showdown matches. So here is my idea. What if we could only face one type of brawler in a showdown match. That means, there will be no two identical brawlers in a showdown match. I think this will help reduce teaming a lot. And who wants to face 9 primos while you are mortis? Upvote if you agree with me so that supercell can see this. If you disagree then let me know in the comments why.
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2022.01.25 03:08 llMaes de_bajoflores

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2022.01.25 03:08 morewineplese Anyone have any funny/ embarrassing wine stories?

Don't be shy!
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2022.01.25 03:08 ceetlejuice For those that got sick with the new Covid Omicron variant, what were your symptoms and how long did they last?

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2022.01.25 03:08 Remarkable-While2207 Swapped AiO cooler now my pc won’t start up may I please get some help?

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2022.01.25 03:08 Adonis_2115 Want to buy a Man Suit with Fitting may be Tuxedo in 1 week.

Hi my Christian friend has a wedding in Allahabad on 9th Feb.
I would be the best man. I am late but can anyone suggest where can I get a suit suit with bow tie with fitting in 1 week.
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2022.01.25 03:08 Veganbby Please identify- apt in IL, dead bug

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2022.01.25 03:08 upstandingelf Is it a bad idea to buy an electric scooter without ever having ridden one?

I see these around all the time and I think they’re really cool and I’m sure I’m physically capable of balancing on it, but I’ve never actually ridden one.
But I want to buy a really expensive e scooter and just start out on it.
I could get on a bird probably, but I’m honestly sort of scared I’ll do something embarrassing on it like fall off cuz I’m not used to it.
So my plan is to buy one and take it out at night when there’s less people to judge me lol
Is this a bad idea? Has anyone you know including yourself thought you liked the idea of electric scooter but for whatever reason it was uncomfortable or something for you?
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2022.01.25 03:08 Maleficent_Wear_2709 Why do people mod their cars to be so loud?

So I’ve noticed more and more lately that I can hear this one specific car zooming in the neighborhoods around my town. I mean it’s very loud when they pass my street like more than other cars I’ve seen. Maybe I’m just getting annoyed but to me it makes no sense. I can see the appeal to the car community (personally I’m just into the aesthetics) but if a car goes fast and handles well why do you modify it so it intentionally is louder (not just a by product of the engine upgrades)?
It just seems like it’s the car version of sagging your pants.
TLDR: why make car loud
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2022.01.25 03:08 stiridinbucovina Ministrul Rafila spune că nu are „niciun fel de reţinere” să-și vaccineze anti-COVID copilul de 11 ani: „Nu e nimic fenomenal”

Ministrul Sănătăţii, Alexandru Rafila spune că nu are „niciun fel de reţinere” să îşi vaccineze copilul împotriva SARS-CoV-2, acesta fiind pregătit şi chiar ştie despre discuţiile legate de utilitatea serului. Prezent
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2022.01.25 03:08 Pretty_Marketing_661 New NFT to lookout for! Squiggles has a lot of promise and I think they’re project will go to the moon!

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2022.01.25 03:08 Whiskey_623 Holy shit

Vendor recieve is the most easiest fucking position ever, I'm so glad I switched from picking to Vendor recieve.
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2022.01.25 03:08 SpaceDorito712 UH vs TAMU vs UT Austin for Computer Science/Informatics BSI

I’m at a crossroads, and I honestly can’t decide what to do. Truly, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Background: I live in Texas and decided on software engineering at the last minute as my major because I took AP Computer Science Principles, did very well, and enjoyed it immensely. Plus, it’s a growing, high-paying career that my Asian mother approves of. However, the fact stands that I don’t have much experience in it, and despite liking what I did in APCSP, I don’t know if I’d change my mind as the concepts get harder.
I applied to several schools and eventually nailed it down to these three choices:

University of Houston:
Pros: My older brother is currently a freshman in the honors college. I was accepted for the computer science major in the honors college, and I received the Academic Excellence scholarship for $6k annually. I also recently attended the interview for the Tier One Scholarship, which, if received, covers full tuition as well as 2 years free room and board along with other benefits including money towards studying abroad (which I’ve wanted to do for years). I’d say I have a 25% chance of receiving it, given how many people applied and how many usually get it per year.
Cons: UH generally isn’t as well known as the other universities, and I’m honestly not the biggest fan of the campus or dorms. Also, it’s a commuter school, and an active school community is very important to me. There’s nothing wrong with UH, but deep down, it’s not one of my dream schools and I feel like I’d just be going for the money.

Texas A&M:
Pros: I was accepted for the general engineering major, and I haven’t applied to the honors college yet. I absolutely love the look of the campus and dorms. Also, I love its famed school spirit- I’ve always been a fan of supportive school communities and clubs. Socially, I think the school is a great fit. I’ve also heard great things about its job network.
Cons: I’ve heard about ETAM and how annoying that is to deal with. I’ve also heard things about the students being largely conservative and christian, which puts me a bit at edge because I’m an atheist and active member of the LGBTQ+ community. I also might not get a scholarship there. I’ve also heard that UT Austin is better for job recruitment in the tech field, as Silicon Valley directly hires from there. It’s also not as high ranking as UT Austin.

UT Austin:
Pros: I was autoed then accepted for my second choice major, Informatics BSI. I haven’t heard back from my honors college applications. I’ve heard that the informatics major is broader than a computer science major, which would allow me to try more things out, which would be helpful since I’m not exactly sure which career I want. And honestly, though I’m not dead set on it, this is my dream college. Where I come from, this is the one that’s looked upon the most highly. It’s the one I’m biased towards. Most of the top 10 seniors of my high school last year went to UT. Though I haven’t yet visited, I’ve heard that the campus is beautiful and that there’s an academically focused social atmosphere, which would help me stay focused and on track. Also, as I mentioned before, I’ve heard that UT Austin is great for tech jobs right after graduation.
Cons: I wasn’t accepted for computer science, though I’m not sure if I’d like that or informatics better anyway. Also, I’ve heard that the school atmosphere isn’t as friendly or engaged as TAMU and that it can come off as cold. I’ve also heard that it's difficult and stressful. It’s also honestly pretty unlikely that I’ll get into the honors college or get a scholarship.

Additional info: My parents said that they would pay for my room and board, and I would pay tuition. I already have money saved up from my part time job, and I’ll work throughout college to afford my tuition. (My parents said that if I run out of money, they’ll cover the difference and I can just pay them back later so I don’t have to take out a student loan). I don’t really care about school nightlife, as it doesn’t really sound appealing to me. I might join a sorority, but it’s not a major consideration. My earnings after college is a major consideration, though.
Overall, all of these are good options for different reasons. UH is the best one financially, TAMU has my preferred school atmosphere, and UT Austin is my ‘dream school’ and supposedly the best for getting a tech job. I honestly can’t choose between them. What do you think? Thank you!
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2022.01.25 03:08 Chris_R16 [8] Got it!

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2022.01.25 03:08 samui218 Mafuyus's Birthday card!

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2022.01.25 03:08 SeriesRevival Is there a general consensus among experts about whether panpsychism is likely true or not? And if it is true, does that mean objects or their constituent parts feel pain?

I must confess that I'm not very well read about or versed in topics related to science or philosophy However, I am curious about a few things related to panpsychism.
First, among the people who'd be me most qualified to judge (cognitive scientists? philosophy majors? I'm honestly not sure who the experts are in this area), is there currently a widespread consensus about whether panpsychism is true or not (analogous to the consensus among scientists that evolution is true, for example), or is there widespread disagreement with a lot of people on both sides of the question? Not to imply that majority equals truth; I'm just honestly curious as to what the experts currently think.
Second, if panpsychism is true, does that mean innanimate objects or the atoms they're made of experience physical pain and suffering? And if so, do they experience it under all the same circumstances that humans and many animals experience pain and suffering? For example, if I tear a piece of papere apart or set it on fire, do the paper or its constituent parts experience excruciating pain just as you or I or a dog would be in pain if we were burned alive or our limbs were somehow torn off?
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2022.01.25 03:08 sfranso Britton Bean in her adoption ad and almost 3 years later. She's our happy baby

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2022.01.25 03:08 postmastern Колесо фильтров для MIRI - одной из трёх камер телескопа Джеймса Уэбб: Каждый из 18 фильтров даст отчетливый взгляд на вселенную в определённом диапазоне длин волн света, либо будет отсекать часть светового потока для различных целей

Колесо фильтров для MIRI - одной из трёх камер телескопа Джеймса Уэбб: Каждый из 18 фильтров даст отчетливый взгляд на вселенную в определённом диапазоне длин волн света, либо будет отсекать часть светового потока для различных целей submitted by postmastern to Popular_Science_Ru [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 03:08 Sushruth_J 🤣😅 this is true, but this is the golden time for artists for sure

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2022.01.25 03:08 mdyakeen LPI DAO Project

Great to know about LPI DAO project. This is very good project with great team, it is very promising project and am very happy to part of this project. #LPI #LPIDAO #CRYPTO #BINANCE #BEP20
Website : https://lpi.finance
Telegram : http://t.me/LpiDaoOfficial
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2022.01.25 03:08 jorgalorp Is Silksong Out?

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2022.01.25 03:08 sentinelguwahati Assam-Nagaland Could Opt To Settle Border Dispute 'Out Of Court'

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