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What company can I send Xbox elite controller (series 1) in for analog module and paddle services?

2022.01.25 01:28 TheOneNinja115 What company can I send Xbox elite controller (series 1) in for analog module and paddle services?

Anyone who sees this, please share if u have sent in your controller to a company to have your controller fixed.
I do not want to pay full price for a brand new elite controller or neither can I buy the equipment to solder myself. So I am looking for a company that can fix my controller.
My elite controller has stick drift and stick deadness in both analog sticks and also the top left paddle's green button is pushed in too far and doesn't function like the other paddles.
If u know of a company who charges for these fixes and is reputable, please share as I have been looking to send it in for a while.
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2022.01.25 01:28 Realistic-Case2814 I need advice regarding a two-year long affair that has resulted in pregnancy. I(25M) was the wife's(30F) affair partner. Should the husband know everything?

To preface, while this escapade may have started out innocently, I am not the good guy in this scenario. The husband is the victim. My decisions were wrong, and rationalized with poor reasoning. I am now in need of advice. For full context, the story is a little on the long side. This began almost two years ago, when I was finishing up university and had recently broken up with my then girlfriend.

I decided that it was time to jump back into the dating game. Not too long after downloading several dating apps, I matched with this girl who instantly caught my eye. From what I could see, she looked cute, but she had an emoji covering her face in every picture. We started talking, and we both loved banter and dark humor so we hit it off immediately. Facts about her were given slowly, but eventually I was told that the reason behind the visual secrecy was that her marriage had problems, both intimate and emotional in nature. Because of this, she and her husband had agreed to an open relationship. To avoid any friends or family seeing the account, her face was hidden. She then asked me if this was okay, and I said yes.

We began seeing each other several times a week for intimate encounters, and we got along famously. We essentially texted morning until night every single day and we were always very happy to see each other. Then, about 6 months in, she admitted that she was falling in love with me. This was actually a relief to hear because I knew that was falling in love with her. Of course I could never have been the first to admit that to a married woman, so I was heartwarmed to know that the feeling was mutual. It made the intimacy even better, and we made each other feel very special.

I learned more and more about her life and marriage as time went on. She has no formal education, as her family moved here when she was young, so they had no money. Her husband was paying for her education, and she was on course to graduate with a medical-related degree. Her husband pays for her medical bills, groceries, essentially everything. And generally speaking, she treated him well as far as I could tell. It was very generous and caring of him, but the downside of this scenario is that it inevitably skewed the power dynamic. She essentially had nowhere to go if she left, with no means of making good money on her own. The emotional and intimate parts of the marriage were essentially optional to him, which he left unattended quite a lot. She told me that it was extremely lacking, despite trying to have hard conversations about it.

So we continued to see one another for the next several months, and things were great. The sex was amazing, we got along fantastically, and we fulfilled each other's needs. She was good to me, as I was to her. Every now and again I'd ask her about the status of her open marriage, and one day about 9 months into seeing me, she confessed to me that it recently became "not so open anymore". She then nervously asked me if seeing her was something that I would want to keep doing, so I asked her some follow-up questions.

I asked her if things had gotten better within her relationship. I asked her if she felt that he was trying harder after their discussions. I asked her if she felt more wanted, or if her needs were better being met. She said no to all of these questions. I then asked her if this marriage was something that she saw herself being happy in for the rest of her life. She admitted that it was not.

Because there was a perceived a lack of ability for this person to leave the relationship and because her requests were falling on deaf ears, I decided that it would be okay to keep seeing her. I thought to myself that if she doesn't see herself as being fulfilled in her current marriage, then it will eventually run it's course anyway. In my mind, her only option was to bide her time until she could stand on her own two feet. My rationalization was half-baked at best, but that's the decision that I made.

We kept seeing each other for many months, and things were going very well. We exchanged gifts on special days, we were supportive, and still incredibly into one another. There's nothing quite like hearing someone you adore whisper "I love you" in your ear when cuddling, regardless of the intricacies of the relationship. This continued, and about a year and a half into seeing each other, she decided to get off of her birth control for a variety of health and mental reasons. We started having safer sex, but we slowly became overly confident, and it became less safe. Multiple things soon took a negative turn.

Firstly, about a month ago, she brought a vibrator to my place, and her husband noticed it was missing. A little after she left, she got a call from him asking if she was cheating. She said no and made up a story to cover for it. He believed it, but of course she was rattled. I asked if she was still okay to see me, and she told me that she wanted to see me now more than ever before.

But a week later, I get a message saying that we might not be able to see each other as much as before. She said that she can't risk losing everything that she has, and that she doesn't want her husband's feelings to be hurt. I understood, though of course it was very painful. It seemed like she would pick and choose the personally-beneficial times to care for him, but I still tried to understand.

However, the next day I woke up to a text telling me that she took a pregnancy test. She's pregnant! The husband saw the test and was delighted, but we both knew the reality of the situation. We believed it to be mine. She begged me to help, and I agreed. We scheduled an appointment and drove over to a nearby abortion clinic two days later for a medical abortion (where the pills induce a miscarriage). I paid for the destruction of my own child with the woman I dearly love so that she could continue to be supported by someone else. It was the most emotionally painful thing I've ever experienced.

After this, she was able to just tell her husband that she was having a miscarriage, as she bled quite heavily and was in immense pain. He helped her through the situation thinking that it was all a tragic accident involving his own child. This was about the time that the severity of my actions began to dawn on me. What a sick scenario, even despite the supposed lacking nature of their relationship. I felt (and feel) ashamed. What a horrible thing to have done.

We were still regularly talking at this point, but she then tells me that she and her husband are going to counseling. She broke down and told him that she cheated on him once two summers ago, and that it was a one-time thing. She panicked and spilled. But this really troubled me. I am not the saint in this scenario, but this almost seemed like a greater lie than one of omission. It was likely told to relieve some guilt (and consequently cause pain) without actually having to face greater consequences.

And on top of this, she was referring to the summer we met, when she told me it was an "open relationship". I realized that I was lied to from the start, and made decisions with false information. That doesn't excuse my present actions in the slightest, but I would liked to have known from the beginning to make a more sincere original decision. It also means that the couple people she saw before me were also not a part of the "open" arrangement.

In addition, certain things about me and our relationship began to be rapidly swept under the rug. Frequently adding/unadding me on snapchat, deleting all of our videos, deleting many of our messages, everything. It made sense, but I have never felt like a stain on someone's life like that, to be discarded (though I deserve any consequences). She does truly love me, and said that she wanted us to always know each other. But it feels like she would put me and her husband through any kind of emotional pain for her own benefit.

I also realized that she's okay with hurting her husband behind his back, but only when her lifestyle is threatened she begins to care. This should have been obvious, but with the alleged neglect, it didn't stand out. She said that this wasn't a marriage she could be happy with, but considering that I have a great career and could support anyone, she could have chosen to leave if it was indeed as neglectful as described. This was another stretching of the truth. It was quickly becoming apparent to me that her husband seems to be a good man (not perfect, but generally speaking decent), and I had horribly wronged him. I've discovered that I get over emotional pain quite quickly, but not guilt. It has eaten away at me.

Whether you would agree with this action or not, I then decided that telling the husband was the right thing to do. She had every opportunity to tell the truth and instead told a fabrication, so I sent an email that vaguely said that it wasn't only a "one-time thing", and the paper he saw regarding an abortion wasn't a mistake (which he believed it to be, as he bumped into it by accident). I said to reference that paper for any questions you would have, and I told him that I was deeply sorry for my actions. It was intentionally vague to provide her some leeway, because despite being upset, the thought of my friend potentially being hurt killed me inside. And considering that I knew I was also greatly at fault, the hypocrisy of this action was not lost on me.

Not even five minutes after sending him that email, I get a text from her saying "Please don't do this. Please don't do this. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. I have no money, no nothing. I already tried to kill myself after telling him the first time. I want to die. I will die." I was begged to write another email, being more specific, saying that this all transpired those two summers ago, happened only 3 times, and provide a storyline to match. Frankly, though I wasn't sure how true the statements were about taking her own life, no matter what I wasn't going to take the chance. I wrote that follow-up email talking her up, then told him that she is at a very high risk of self harm, and that he should make sure that everything is okay. I'm glad nobody was hurt, but I am now even more disgusted with myself than ever now that I had to lie again when I just wanted the lies to be over. And yet I still felt terrible about saying anything.

She then called me and said to not contact her husband again. She said that he's "having a rough time" and that "it's not good". But if she really cared about his ability to process things, wouldn't she actually tell the truth? It's all so confusing.

Which is where this brings me today, in this post. I've put myself in his shoes, and I can't imagine being in his place without ever knowing everything that's transpired, especially considering that the relationship was likely not as degraded as it was made to seem. A two year long affair, a hidden abortion, and endless lies. The husband seems to believe anything she says. But I don't know if it's my place to say anything more. Will it do them both more harm than good? I may feel wronged and deceived myself (though I am by NO means the victim), but the idea of my friend potentially suffering pains me immensely. Hurting her is not what I want. I promised to not hurt her. For better or worse, I still very much care about this person. She always tried to be very supportive and good to me. However, imagine being in a relationship presumably the rest of your life and never knowing about this.

Nothing will ever make it right, but at this point I just want to do the right thing, whatever that is. What should happen? Say nothing? Come clean despite unfairly having far fewer consequences than she would? At this point there doesn't seem to be a "right" thing to do. Any advice or new perspective on what to do in this mess would be appreciated.
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2022.01.25 01:28 Jomeisepic Use the force Victor!

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2022.01.25 01:28 Balmung6942 Got myself a mini anvil start building my alter to Hephaestus

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2022.01.25 01:28 aliceraw Bleeding after Plan B?

Hi there!
So I took a plan B for the first time after having unprotected sex with my partner about 12 hours after. I got my period early about 3 days later. My period usually lasts about 3-4 days and I waited about 7 days before having sex with him again. I didn't have any spotting or flow at all on day 5 or 6 but when we had sex I bled a good amount :(. Should I be worried at all?
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2022.01.25 01:28 himynameiszayn LF 5 pears please!

I'll give some bells!
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2022.01.25 01:28 Kristine_Lopatovie Oh well...

I got a problem. I always go to my school, where I always run into my class and yell "Ohh, yeaahh!"....

...but that's not the problem. After that awkward thing I did, I will sit next to my friend and that friend is watching some crappy dancing tiktoker.. After she saw my face, she shuts her phone down..and starts to giggle.

She always does anything crappy when I sit with her on a break....as an example..she always does this annoying high-pitched sound "Ahh!"...maybe that's something from that app.
or....if something hurts her, she would yell at a whole class this thing: "AA I JUST BUMPED INTO A CHAIR NOW MY CROTCH HURTS AHH!"

Girl, that's cringy. And you know what is cringier than this? We were making a discord server. I was the creator of course, and my friend was an admin. While I was making something, she made a role.....
she made a role called "Menses"!!!

Everything she got into her mind, it's probably from TikTok, because that is the place, where the most accidents happen.

on TikTok, she will always find something, that everyone hates.

Now my every single classmate uses TikTok except me and my sanity.
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2022.01.25 01:28 Fluffy_Telephone4258 Many times I have walked away from a person not because I didn’t like them, but because I felt I could do better.

Maybe that’s why I’m perpetually single. I can’t get over my ego when dating.
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2022.01.25 01:28 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Albanese says PM 'doesn’t hold a hose and doesn’t give a RATs’, during Press Club address – video | Guardian

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2022.01.25 01:28 Specific-Let2728 How do you remove the anti-piracy fish in Stormworks build and rescue?

I hate these fish.
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2022.01.25 01:28 getdatmoneyboi How do you lose a lean gut

I don’t sip but I still got a big ass belly and I’m tryna get rid of it without losing any more pounds
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2022.01.25 01:28 cooklord23q Seeking advice re Chronic Doctors clinic

I have my first consultation appointment coming up (via phone) with Chronic Doctors and am hoping to get TGA approval for oil and flower.
Wondering if anyone has had experience with this clinic? Would also appreciate any advice on how to handle the telehealth appointment generally speaking.
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2022.01.25 01:28 kookie_doe wtf even .. young woman is old?? Peak braindead cult

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2022.01.25 01:28 everard_jsj2 Thinking about doing this in Knut's chat (with some of the annoying people)

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2022.01.25 01:28 Thrash_anarchy Received my pre order of Vol 12 today! Feat. My valentines candy Mokke I made :,)

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2022.01.25 01:28 TheSovietSkye i’m gonna disappoint the whole of my social circle soon

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2022.01.25 01:28 gotrops Arkham origins remaster campaign please join the journey to what we all want.

Now as u all know we love batman, personnaly he's my fav superhero(or comic book character. Whatever u wanna call him) I think the batman games, even the telltale series r prob my fav form of batman media and that includes arkham origins I love this game and while o It may not be as perfect as the others it is a great game and I love it so much. Unfortunately this game and its pre-rendered graphics have aged like milk in the sun and that sucks to me. Luckily I've come up w a solution. I have written a hashtag to push for arkham origins possible remaster. The hashtag is: #arkhamoriginsremaster let's make it happen post this on Twitter and Instagram and wherever u can. Let's push for this game.
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2022.01.25 01:28 VGMarques10 Welcome to The Wanderer’s Garage!

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2022.01.25 01:28 Duomaxwell0007 Anyone know of any Sandbox MMOS?

Can anyone name current/new mmos that still have public dungeons and raids (none of this instanced themepark crap) and full on openworld pvp (i.e pvp servers) or areas that aren't necessary "pvp battlegrounds" (like that area in ESO) but certain maps that have pvp turned on and are completely optional but have good quests or good/rare loot in them that would entice you to risk exploring said areas? Preferably F2P but not required
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2022.01.25 01:28 ViizicsNA $640 4v4 Call of Duty Snd Tournament !! WINNER TAKES ALL

Click the link to enter!
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2022.01.25 01:28 tabbybae My adorable fur baby Napoleon😻

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2022.01.25 01:28 MWGhost2 Oculas Quest 2 Lag

Sometimes when I play a game the game will lag really bad and I have no idea why its not that my internets bad its just lagging in pavlov I have 800 ping I reset my router forget the wifi the re enter it and for some reason it still lags and im not talking about frame rate not just lag where I cant play the game I never have lag issues and I feel like its the headset any way to fix it (I dont have a pc goof enough to run my oculas)
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2022.01.25 01:28 AceCombat9519 Hayes on the ‘dangerous’ growth of the anti-vax movement

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2022.01.25 01:28 ZeldasGreenHat Warden the unloved child

Warden is on the cover of the game just so the world can know what an unloved ignored child grows up to be like
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